How To Build Your Own Homemade DIY Truck Camper


how to build a DIY truck camper

Want a great way to save *thousands* on an RV? Build one yourself!

If you have some basic construction and carpentry skills, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy and totally inexpensive it can be to slap together your own DIY truck camper from hardly more than a ... Continue Reading >>

Send Me A YouTube Video Of Your DIY Truck Camper Build And I Will Feature It On My Site – Mobile Rik’s Outdoor Affiliate Program

camping outdoors affiliate program

Greetings Camper Builder!

This is the second announcement of my new Camping / Outdoors Affilate Program, designed to give you an easy way to get some extra rewards for helping promote my website and book/video membership.

In this message I want to tell you about my favorite part of

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New Camping Outdoors Affiliate Program – Build A Truck Camper

DIY truck camper plans

Hey there !

I have a pretty exciting announcement today that I think you'll enjoy.

As I mentioned in my New Year’s Update, I was planning to set up an outdoors affiliate program so that a few of you who really enjoy promoting my articles can be fairly rewarded for

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How To Build A Truck Camper For Dirt Cheap (Podcast 2)

Mobile Rik Show: Episode 002

Listen to my second iTunes Podcast and learn how I built my own Homemade Truck Camper in just 3 days for less than $250.


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Mobile Rik – Living Off The Grid In A Home Built Truck Camper (Podcast Episode 1)


Mobile Rik Show: Episode 001

Listen to my first iTunes Podcast and learn how I came to be living rent-free off the grid in my own homemade tiny house on wheels.


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