BioLite Backpackers’ Camping Stove Doubles As A Phone Charger

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  • Apache Tear says:

    This is really cool! While I’m not sure it’s really more practical — and certainly not lighter — than my little alcohol stove and a little hand-crank generator, it’s definitely a new twist. Gives me and probably a lot of other DIY backpackers an idea to maybe try incorporating a Peltier module into my cook kit. Hmm…

    • Kokopelican says:

      This guy thinks it’s bunk, lol. Good points actually.

      Interesting idea about the Peltier, AT. They’re normally pretty inefficient, but this stove seems to have made it work to some degree. I realized for myself that using waste heat from cooking may be impractical, because I really don’t cook that long — certainly not 2-3 hours — and beyond the time it takes to boil, I use a Wonderbox. Seems battery charging might be better applied to when you’re using the stove for a space heater. (And yeah, I use a hand-crank for charging as well.)

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