DIY Cheap Easy Solar Water Purification

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  • Pam says:

    ummm Most plastic bottles will release carcinogens into the water if they are sitting in the sun. Obviously that’s not a concern if an emergency but not recommended for consistent use.

    btw I signed up for your pop-up camper plans and nothing ever happened, didn’t get the notification to accept..what now? Really enjoying your site, lots of great info, thanks.

    • Mobile Rik says:

      Hi Pam! Thanks for your comment.

      re: The camper plans – If you’ve already scoured your folders for the email, just try signing up again. (You may need to use a different email.)

      There’s a lot of confusion about what plastic bottles are “reasonably” safe to use in different circumstances. Some definitely should not be used in this type of application– namely #3 plastic (PVC), #6 plastic (styrofoam), and non-PLA #7 plastic (misc, ie. you don’t know what’s in it).

      The plastics used for bottled water are generally considered to be very safe, though #1 plastic used for single-used drinks breaks down more quickly. But HDPE #2 and Polypropylene #5 are pretty tough and food safe.

      Of course it’s all relative to the amount of risk you’re willing to take on. For those who take care of themselves and are sensitive to damaging influences, the tiny of amount of carcinogenic exposure may be a big deal. But for most people who abuse their bodies with commercial GMO supermarket crap, alcohol, smoking (including sitting for hours in front of the campfire), hormone-filled animal flesh, Big Pharma “medicine”, etc.etc.. a microscopic amount of chemicals in their water is the least of their problems.

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