How To Make Super-Nutritious Sprouted Brown Rice Using The Green Tea And Kombu Trick

Do You Eat White Rice?

Do you realize that you may as well be eating sugar? I’m surprised how many people haven’t caught on that white rice provides nothing but empty starch calories. In fact with a glycemic index of 89, it’s actually more sugary than EVERY sugary breakfast cereal except one! (Interestingly enough, Cornflakes.**)

Somewhere along the line, people seemed to have gotten the idea that white rice is a health food. It’s so totally not. But do you know what is? BROWN RICE.

In fact in the ultimate version of the Macrobiotic Lifestyle, brown rice is considered the #1 “complete food.”

How To Make DIY sprouted brown rice

Even cooler, a lot of very recent scientific studies have figured out ways to make it even more healthful by doing nothing more than soaking it overnight before you cook it.

That’s because soaking brown rice will begin the sprouting (germination) process, releasing tons of enzymes and nutrients that were locked up in preparation for it to turn into a plant. And by soaking the rice grains, you trigger that process and get the benefits of all those extra “green” nutrients in the form of a cereal grain. (Note: You can’t sprout white rice, because they’ve polished off all the living stuff.)

Maybe you’ve tried “brown rice” and found it difficult to chew and digest. But Sprouted Brown Rice doesn’t have that problem. It’s just as easy to digest as white rice and way more flavorful!

And maybe you’ve even tried to figure out how to sprout brown rice, but got confused by a lot of complicated instructions, or were put off by a foul odor. Fortunately, you have found the right article.

I’m going to show you that making Sprouted Brown Rice is EASY.

Watch the video for a demonstration of how it works.

The Easy Way To Make Sprouted Brown Rice

Essentially you only need two things:
1) Brown Rice, and 2) Water
– Mix the two in a pot, using exactly twice as much water as rice.
– Allow it to soak overnight (8-12 hrs) at an average lukewarm temperature.
– Cook normally. (Or preferably at a low temperature to preserve as much of the enzymes as possible.)
You’ll find you’ll be able to cook it a lot faster, and it’ll come out a lot softer than normal brown rice — almost as soft as white rice, but a lot more fibrous (and nutritious.)
BUT — If you do that you’ll likely come across A STRANGE ODOR:
Some people like the odor and taste. They say it tastes “sweeter.” (You may or may not agree.)
This happens because sprouting things attracts friendly bacteria. The bacteria’s waste product is what gives it the weird odor and taste. It’s not harmful, but you may wish to eliminate it, as it’s unnecessary.


You can simultaneously multiply the nutritional value of sprouted brown rice AND eliminate the odor by doing one simple thing:
— Soak the rice in GREEN TEA.
Green tea is highly antibacterial. Since the friendly bacteria are unable to grow, there will be no odor.
Additionally, soaking the rice in green tea has a proven nutritional benefit — it multiplies the nutritional content of an important neurotransmitter called GABA.
Want more nutrition?
Besides being itself antibacterial and highly nutritious, kombu (kelp seaweed) — which you can buy at your local health food store in the Asian section — has a lot of beneficial enzymes which help soften the fibrous brown rice to make it easier to eat and digest. (It’s great to add when you pre-soak beans for the same reason.) Kombu also happens to be a great source of glutamic acid (related to MSG but without the bad qualities) which is the main component of the 5th taste, known as “savory” which is used a lot in Japanese cooking.
English: Hatsuga genmai (Germinated brown rice...

Hatsuga genmai (Germinated brown rice) 日本語: 発芽玄米 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Once you’ve soaked the rice overnight for 8 or more hours without a bit of odor –other than tea water of course — simply cook it normally. (It will take much less time to cook than usual.)
OR — If you prefer to leave as much of the active enzymes intact, cook at the lowest temperature you can get away with.
That’s it! Serve and consume your nutritious germinated brown rice however you like. It should be nearly as soft as white rice, and have a lot more flavor.
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