Major Ebook Announcement! (And HUGE Deal)

Date August 17, 2014
Greetings Camper-Builders!
I’m very happy today to have TWO timely announcements for you.
1) My First Announcement:
In about TWO WEEKS (on September 4th) not only will I be launching the first edition of my full book “How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap” (again available as a digital download and doubled tripled in size with more photos, diagrams, and planning details)…
I will also be accepting entrance into its companion video site that includes over 3 hours of HD footage from my camper build along with detailed walk-throughs of my design and 3D model and tours of the interior.
As promised in the “preview version”, I’ll be releasing the first full edition at an absurd discount — BUT…
The “sale” will be available only for a day or two! After that I’ll be raising the price closer to its true value.
I’ll make several more announcements as we approach the launch date… which at the moment I can’t predict, since there are several technical challenges to meet along the way…
The “best” challenge is due to the fact that my mailing list has grown too big for my free software, so I’ll need to buy and set up a more robust solution (that preferably does not involve monthly payments!). I’ll also need to upgrade my video hosting from “free” to “pro” and a few other things to handle the launch.
So to help raise funds for the final two weeks…
2) My Second Announcement:
I’m going to again offer a HUGE DEAL —
For anyone who donates $10 or more to my little “Startup Fund”, you can join the previous donors as Charter Members who will receive both the book and video-site membership for absolutely free about a week before everyone else. (I’m passing out keys next week!)
If you’d like to get in on this deal (you could get both for less than half the already ridiculously low launch price), you may…
1) Use the Paypal “Donate” button at the bottom of my website   -OR-
2) (Preferably) if you have a Paypal account, you may simply send your donation to my email address [email protected]
Thanks in advance!
Mobile Rik
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