Mobile Rik – Living Off The Grid In A Home Built Truck Camper (Podcast Episode 1)

Mobile Rik Show: Episode 001

Listen to my first iTunes Podcast and learn how I came to be living rent-free off the grid in my own homemade tiny house on wheels.

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Hey there! I’m “Mobile Rik”, and this is the first episode of my new podcast about my attempt to live MY version of “A Simple Life.”

What do I mean by that? Well to give you an easy and obvious example, lemme just tell you what’s up right now… at this very moment. I’m actually recording this very first podcast under a full moon which I can see through the skylight of my homemade camper right in the most amazing free campsite I’ve ever been fortunate to find, beside a beautiful creek flowing over a naturally weathered patio made of totally gorgeous red bedrock. The cicadas are out and making enough of a racket that I had to come inside the camper to record. I’ve got a thermos of barley tea beside me and my led lamp running off my big deep-cell battery that’s just been topped off by my homemade solar panel. I just finished my rice and beans dinner that I cooked on my tin-can wood gasifying stove, and I’m planning my hike tomorrow morning to some pueblo ruins……


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awesome campsite near Sedona

The actual free campsite where I recorded this podcast!
(Near Sedona, AZ)

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