Are Campers Too Expensive?

I hear this a lot. “Commercial campers are way too expensive.”


Are they?

I mean, sure… I certainly can’t afford one. I couldn’t even afford a used one. In fact if you offered to GIVE me a used one, I’d have to think long and hard about whether the maintenance costs for a commercial camper filled with specialty parts would be over my little nickels and dimes budget.

But I also believe it may be unfair to say that they’re “too expensive”.

I don’t know any camper dealerships who are “making a killing” off of truck campers. Most small businesses by their very nature need to charge a certain amount for their products just to stay afloat.

  • Commercial campers are typically filled with specialty parts that cost a lot to buy and install. (You’ve shopped at an RV store, right? That stuff is expensive!)
  • Building materials and finish work need to be done in a “professional-looking” way that can justify a higher price, and that requires paying a “professional” to do the work.
  • And they basically need to stuff them with all kinds of “conveniences”, just so the average consumer can rationalize paying what they need to charge just to stay afloat… and all of those little things add up.

Considering they only sell a handful a month, I’m sure their profit margin is just high enough to keep them in business, but not a whole lot more. They’re keeping their heads above water… and you wouldn’t demand that they drown, right?

So I don’t think they’re “too expensive.”

I simply don’t have any personal desire to invest time and money into the average consumerist’s “why don’t you just go buy one?” way of thinking.

By building my own camper from scratch, my wallet isn’t affected by how much some camper manufacturer has to pay for extra features, or how much their marketing budget is, or how many employees they have, or how much work went into it, or the degree of professionalism that went into it, or how impressive it is to everyone but me, or the number of features it has that everyone else but me thinks they need, or, or…

… Yeah, all that!

I can skip all that unnecessary “stuff” and do whatever I want. I can choose on my own where and how I want to spend my time and money. I can choose where I want to pay extra for nice “professionally-made” stuff and where I want to be a total cheapskate. I can freely ignore the bozos who parrot sales-nonsense like “You get what you pay for”, knowing full well that *Only when I pay myself, do I get exactly what I want!*

(Repeat that last line to yourself until it sinks in!)

Basically, once you know how to build things on your own, you can enjoy an immense freedom from companies telling you what to buy and how much to spend. You begin to make your own rules.

So here’s to making your own custom camper according to your own rules!

Rock On, Camper-Builders!
-Mobile Rik “DIY Camper Rebel”


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