2015 Update – Build A Truck Camper – New Website & More

[Mobile Rik] 2015 Update!


Greetings Camper-Builder!

I assume you’re still building a camper, right? (Or maybe you’ve even built one already!)

Since it’s been awhile since I last wrote, I wanted to take the new year opportunity to update you on what I’ve been up to that may be relevant to your camper-building adventure.

My own adventure has been interesting. I’ve done much less “camping” than I expected, and have spent a lot of time commuting to free wifi. Since the book launch in September – which went *very* well – the real question has always been what would happen after all my existing mailing list members had used their opportunity to grab a membership.

Would the slow trickle of people finding my site for the first time be enough to survive on?

Well, as it turned out…

YES!  Not by much, but it’s definitely been just enough to float on and get from camp to camp and have enough to eat. But still not quite enough to save up for things I really ought to be saving for, like new tires. So I’ve spent a good part of the last few months working on a better “infrastructure”…

Here’s a quick summary:

NEW WEBSITE! I’ve launched a new website dedicated to learning how to build a truck camper. Compared to the site you’re already familiar with, the new one is much better organized, so it’s hopefully easier to find information you’re looking for. Starting in a few days, I’ll be forwarding you links to new articles, spaced every five days to make it easier on those who don’t get many emails.

MobileRik.com will eventually transform into more of a personal “blog” dedicated to the general topic of Living Off The Grid In A DIY Truck Camper – which has always been its title, but now it will become less about DIY and a little more about the adventure. (But I have another site planned which will be all about DIY.)

Affiliate program (Coming soon!) For anyone who owns a camping-related website or is otherwise well-networked and wants to make a little extra income, I’ve taken steps to set up an affilate program. (More details as I get it set up.)

Have you built your camper? Whether you’ve already built one or are in the process, I’d love to feature your build on my new website! Photos, videos, and short articles would be awesome. I’ll let you know more of what I’m looking for. (I’ll also provide a way to connect your submissions to the affiliate program, if you’d like, i.e. You could get a commission from anyone who is inspired by your article/photos/video to join my membership.)

There’s a lot more on my extended ToDo list, but there’s enough on my plate right now that I might not get to the rest until springtime. 🙂 Meanwhile continue to look for my announcements in your inbox!

Best wishes in the New Year,

-Mobile Rik

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