New Camping Outdoors Affiliate Program – Build A Truck Camper

Hey there !

I have a pretty exciting announcement today that I think you’ll enjoy.

As I mentioned in my New Year’s Update, I was planning to set up an outdoors affiliate program so that a few of you who really enjoy promoting my articles can be fairly rewarded for your efforts and enthusiasm.

Well, after a ridiculous amount of time – about 2 months of Starbucks commutes – I’ve finally gotten it ready!

Not that it normally takes a long time to set up an affiliate program. It was just that

1) I wanted to make it really easy to use – which led to a few unusual technical challenges,
2) I wanted to include video training for anyone who’s brand new to “this sort of thing”, and
3) The project kept expanding as I got more excited about it. 🙂

I’ll be sending three more emails about it over the next week to make sure everyone who wants to be involved has a chance to get in on it. Each email will highlight a different “easy” way to get started with the program.

1st Way: (My Favorite!) Simply Make A Short Video Of Your DIY Camper Build. Send me the link and description, and I will promote it on my website with YOUR affiliate link embedded! (Watch a video clip about this feature in this post.)

2nd Way : Post Links To Articles From Facebook or Pinterest. If someone eventually makes a purchase – even months later! – you’ll get the full 50% commission.

3rd Way : Just Post “Ads” On Your Website. If you have a website, borrow any graphic from my site and add your affilate link. Even better, “curate” a few of my articles with photos and videos and link to them with your own affiliate link.

You can get all the details – along with six videos of training! – by signing up (Totally FREE) at …

See you inside!

– Mobile Rik

DIY Truck Camper Book

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