April 2015 Update: YouTube Video of My Crazy New Popup Roof!

I just posted a new video to YouTube – a teaser video of my newly completed Pop Up Truck Camper roof.

Those of you who have read the full First Edition book have already seen a preview of my rough plans for a much simpler popup with a nearly 8 foot ceiling that can be built for half the cost of one with a six foot ceiling. But due to “time and money,” I was never able to complete it until just a few weeks ago!

It still needs quite a bit of finishing work, but the essence of it is now fully functional, and you can see the “finished prototype” in action in the video below:


Full construction videos of my “newfangled” Popup Truck Camper will be added to the Second Edition of my “Build A Truck Camper” video training around the end of May and will be a free upgrade for existing members. (If you’re interested in the new design, be sure to join before the 2.0 price increase!)

Also, if you enjoyed the video, please consider clicking through to YouTube and hitting the ‘Like’ button. Thanks!

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