Send Me A YouTube Video Of Your DIY Truck Camper Build And I Will Feature It On My Site – Mobile Rik’s Outdoor Affiliate Program

Greetings Camper Builder!

This is the second announcement of my new Camping / Outdoors Affilate Program, designed to give you an easy way to get some extra rewards for helping promote my website and book/video membership.

In this message I want to tell you about my favorite part of the program:

It’s really easy — Just send me the link to your YouTube video introducing your camper build, and I will promote it on my website, with YOUR affilate link embedded.

If anyone makes a purchase within 6 months after clicking your affilate link, you’ll get 50% commissions on that sale!

Have you made a video of your camper yet? If not, it’s really easy — all you need is your phone camera, a truck, and an idea, and I show you exactly what to do in “Video Six” within my affiliate member site, which you can join for absolutely free by signing up at…

See you there!


p.s. Here’s a preview of “Video 6” from my Free Outdoors Affiliate Program

Missed the original announcement? Check it out here –> Mobile Rik’s Camping Affiliate Program Announcement


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