off grid income - supporting yourself

I’ve Started Freelancing On Fiverr For Extra Money

off grid income - supporting yourself

You know about Fiverr, right? The place where you can purchase (or sell) small services for $5?

I’ve purchased many little jobs there over the past few years — mostly website SEO and social media — but I hadn’t really ventured much into the selling aspect, other than one gig I tried a few years ago.

Two things puzzled me about Fiverr.

  1. How can you make much money selling things for just $5?
  2. It seems like you would have to sell a ton of little jobs — which would only suit someone who enjoys tedious piece-meal work.

Fiverr briefly crossed my mind recently, once I’d already embarked on my camper adventure, but I then couldn’t figure out how I was going to manage a bunch of little internet jobs when it was already hard enough finding reliable internet.

What turned the corner for me — just as I was REALLY needing a dependable way I could come up with quick cash (even just a few bucks) when I need it — was a little course that showed up in my email at 4am and got me really excited, because it was EXACTLY what I needed! It helped me get my head around a few of the concepts I didn’t understand.

  • You’re not limited to $5 sales. Many people buy your “gig extras” as well, so it’s possible to get sales of $20-60 pretty easily, if you offer compelling upsells.
  • In order to make decent money, you need to be able to process gigs quickly. So the key is to do jobs that are really easy for you, but hard for others. (I have a bunch of skills like that!)

Once you’ve gotten your system down and know how to promote gigs so that you have a consistent stream of buyers, all you need to do is check your account every day and spend a few minutes to a few hours fulfilling gigs.

And for myself… What really convinced me in that moment was the fact that I really don’t need that much income! I’m currently surviving on just a few hundred dollars a month — so I could literally double my income with just a handful of gigs per week!

And when I really think about it… wifi isn’t as much of a hardship as I thought. I pretty much stop to use wifi for 5-10 hours every day anyway, but even if I only stopped in every other day or so, I’d still have enough time to fulfill orders, since I’d only need 20 minutes to a few hours of solid connection to complete it all! I’ve spent the last few days studying Fiverr courses and getting things set up, and I’m ready to go now.

I’ve just posted my first set of gigs, focusing on the ones that don’t require a portfolio, so I can hopefully get some gig orders coming in while I’m building up a quick set of graphic design portfolios. In the near future I also hope to do some article and email ghost-writing.

I’ll be posting my gigs on this page — not only to say “hey, this is what I’m doing,” but also partly to help raise my gig rankings, so that more people will see them amidst the heavy competition.

If you would be interested in helping me get things moving, it would be a great help if you would SIMPLY CLICK ON THE LINKS TO THE GIGS. Fiverr will take that as a clue to boost my gigs closer to where they’ll actually be seen.


(And of course, if you actually wanted to order a gig and give me a great 5-star rating, I wouldn’t mind that either! Just a few completed orders would lift me out of the invisible realm!


I know many of these are website related, and you may not have a website. But maybe you know someone who does.)

I currently have training gigs related to Fiverr SEO Backlinks and Free Website Traffic:




  • I will teach you How To Get Free Website Traffic
  • There are more to come! Next phase will be to add the Fiverr graphic designArticle Writing, and Email Writing gigs.


    I’m adding Graphic Design gigs, but I can’t add any more until I get about 10 sales (difficult when you’re starting from scratch).

    I Will Create A Realistic Cartoon From Your Photo

    fiver draw cartoon from photo

    I Will Create A Realistic “Pencil Sketch” From Your Photo

    fiverr draw sketch

    And Social Media Marketing

    And … now I’ve hit my new-seller limit of seven gigs until I complete TEN gig orders. I’m still waiting for my first order…. SOOO hard to get started from scratch!



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