black friday sale - diy truck camper plans

[63% Off Sale] DIY Truck Camper Videos

black friday sale - diy truck camper plans

Mobile Rik is having a sale!

Click the link below TODAY
Black Friday to get my
DIY Truck Camper
Construction Videos + Book
for 63% Off!

I’ve never done this, and I likely will
never do this again!

(I really don’t believe in “sales”.)

But after a difficult summer and fall in
which my websites got hacked and erased —

(Resulting in probably $2000+ in lost income)

I’ve finally gotten things restored just enough
to *HOPE* to make up for it a little. 😃

If you’ve been on the fence about grabbing
my video membership, now’s your chance to
get them all + the book for just $10.

Click the link below, and I’ll see you inside!

Mobile Rik

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