camp stove charges phone

Charge Your Phone By Burning Wood! – Biolite Camp Stove

camp stove charges phone

I bet you’ll consider adding this to your Christmas list!

(It’s certainly on mine.)

Probably the coolest CampStove systems on the market are the ones by BioLite.

A few years ago they introduced their innovative camp stove with an interesting innovation — it has a USB port and a thermoelectric element that charges your phone while you cook!

Now a few years on, they’ve expanded their selections quite a bit with handy backpacking devices including lamps, portable solar panels, and other stoves and attachments.

(My favorite in terms of cool-factor is the Pizza baking attachment to their BaseCamp System.)

Watch the videos below to see what they’re all about, then click over to their site for more videos and 10% off your first purchase.

Biolite Overview

Review Video Of Original Biolite CampStove and newer CookStove

Biolite Basecamp Review

Awesome Christmas Shopping Idea

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