canyon de chelly ruins

Canyon de Chelly Ruins, Chinle AZ

canyon de chelly ruins

On my return route from Colorado to Arizona, I swung through Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, AZ, north of Winslow.

I’d heard about this site several years ago and had always been meaning to visit. It didn’t disappoint!

Besides the dramatic views from the top at numerous points, you can also hike down quite easily to the bottom and trek to the White House Ruins. I have videos of the hike down that I hope to edit and add to this post in the future.

There are also lots of other guided hikes available that I hope to partake in another time!

I definitely recommend this to anyone traveling through the Winslow area. It’s a few hours drive east and north into Navajo land. There is no data reception on AT&T until you get to the Holiday Inn hotel in Chinle, which makes a good spot to stop for a bite to eat and upload your photos.

Canyon de Chelly

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The White House Ruins

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