homemade truck camper book

Just Released – New 2017 DIY Truck Camper Book & Videos!

homemade truck camper book

The MAJOR update you’ve been waiting 2 years for is here!

After about 50 hours of intense work, I’m happy to announce new additions to my “Build A Truck Camper” membership… and more!

When you join my feature membership today, you’ll get access to…

1) Over 5 Hours of video footage of my camper build, now including my latest projects:

— My nifty “A-Frame Popup Roof”, featuring a 7’8” ceiling, and…

— My Ultra-Lightweight *Arched* Roof

2) My new 2017 Second Edition Book “How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap”

homemade truck camper book

— It’s doubled in size to nearly 300 pages and over 200 photos and diagrams, with expansions to nearly every section.

– Lots more detail has been added to the section about my own truck camper build.

– Sections have been added about benefits of different construction materials and different construction techniques.

– There’s a HUGE addition describing my awesome new Ultra-Light Arched Roof Using Styrofoam and Poor Man’s Fiberglass technique.

arched camper roof

(That last addition should be a must-read for everyone, because this technique can be used strategically throughout your camper to make a very lightweight camper.)

diy lightweight popup camper roof


Naturally, existing members have already received their free updates.

If for some reason you are NOT already a member:

You can get access to the PDF version of the new edition — as well as watch the newly added videos of my new roof — by clicking this link:

>> How To Build A DIY Truck Camper Book And Videos <<

Hope to see you inside!

-Mobile Rik

mobile rik DIY Popup Camper

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