"Who Else Wants To Make Extra Cash Sharing My Articles?"

Re-Post My Articles, Earn 50% Commissions When They Buy

Program Description

  • I pay 50% commissions on all eligible sales.
  • Link to ANY page on my sites that link to the sales page-- every article and most pages are in play.
  • Use my ads or use any image from my websites as an ad
  • You receive commissions after 30 day refund period.
  • 60 day cookies for referrals.
  • Affiliate with most recent referral gets the commission.
  • 10 consecutive affiliate sales without refunds qualifies for Instant Commissions.


  • Absolutely NO SPAM, including Webspam. That means no hit-and-run style links in Facebook groups, discussion boards, Facebook pages, etc. If it's distasteful, don't do it - you will be terminated if caught.
  • Web Links Only, No Email Referrals without prior approval. (I’ll need to see your list.)

Steps To Join My Affiliate Program

STEP 1: Join Zaxaa For Free and get your username.

STEP 2: Link to ANY page (sales page, optin, blog post, etc) by placing your affiliate code at the end, like this:

Test #1: If it works, you’ll be able to hover over any sales page link or ad and see your username appended to the beginning of the new URL.

Test #2: If you click through to the sales page, followed by the order page, you’ll be able to see your username in light print at the very bottom of the order page.

Websites You Can Share From

Link to any page on these websites that contains links to the sales page.

My Products You Can Refer

I have several products eligible for affiliate commission through Zaxaa:

I also have books with several versions on Amazon. You can separately join the Amazon affiliate program and get 4% commission or more on anything they purchase after clicking your link, ex. if they click on your book link but then buy $600 worth of goodies, you'll get about $24. :)

  • Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap - Kindle, Print Color, Print B&W.
  • Tips And Wisdom To Maximize Your Sales

    • If you have many friends who are interested in camping and/or off-grid hacking, the easiest way to get started is to post links to my articles on Facebook, with your affiliate code added to the end, ie. ARTICLELINK?id=zaxaausername.
    • Don't just post bare links. Use a headline and description, or best, an actual testimonial of your experience with the product. (You don't need to "sell" the link with salesy language... just copy the article title into your description and add a short comment.
    • Linking only to the sales page directly, even with your testimonial, always seems spammy. "Sharing information" by posting links to articles, once a day to different networks (adding direct salespage links once in a while), is a much more effective approach. Remember: The point of my articles is to "pre-sell" the membership, so those who then click over to the sales page are MUCH more likely to be interested at that point.
    • Take advantage of post scheduling. Use the Hootsuite free service to schedule posts to your Social Media accounts, and/or take advantage of post-scheduling features on Facebook.
    • You can set up free blogs at many places online to write your own articles (and even embedded videos) recommending my products and/or articles. You'll then have your own blogs you can share online.
    • OFFER: If you have built your own camper, you can create an article with any photos or videos you have and send it to me. I will feature it on my site with YOUR affiliate link embedded and promote it for you.