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Composting Toilets Are Really Easy To Make!

Essentially, it’s a wooden box with a hole in it, with a 5 gallon bucket underneath.

You cover it with dirt or some other organic matter — like sawdust or grass clippings — and it does not stink!!

“StormCloudsGathering” shares a simple and proven system to create your own fertilizer and use less water, along with other great reasons to consider composting your own “humanure” sooner than later.

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I love the clever way the roof lift is done on these pop-up campers.

No hydraulics or fancy expensive mechanisms — just simple mechanical elegance. Gotta love it.

It’d be great if I could see one up close so I can figure out the cheapest easiest way to duplicate this for my own DIY camper. I also wonder how it would change things if the popup was much taller, so the bars would have to cross. Hmm… Ideas, anyone?

In contrast, you can see the standard lifter system employed in Four Wheel Campers beginning at about 1:09 in this video.

…And in this video which gives a really nice explanation of the process beginning at 1:30.

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I love this style of pop-up slide-in truck camper.

Small slide in camper RVs of the Four Wheel Camper design allow you to use an off-road truck to get to remote destinations, and the pop-top allows it to keep a low frontal area for better aerodynamics/fuel efficiency.

The only variable after that is how they arrange the interior to maximize its space. Although not my favorite truck camper interior design, this one has some great ideas to consider for my own DIY camper.

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