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If your phone is dead and you can’t find your plug in charger, BUT you have a cordless drill lying around, you can hack it to recharge your phone battery. Grant Thompson shows a clever way to hook up the drill to your phone so that with just a bit of hand cranking, you can be back in action — hopefully before your arms tire out!

I personally carry a hand crank emergency radio with a USB hookup for precisely this purpose. It’s definitely nice to have in a pinch. But the other “obvious” thing that occurred to me was that I could also just recharge my cordless drill by running it backwards — let’s say by pedaling a bike. Hmm…

I know some viewers are saying to themselves… “Why the heck would you be in a situation where you have a cordless drill, but NOT have access to a phone charger?”

If you’re asking this, then you’re totally missing the point. The “takeaway” from this is that IF YOU HAVE A DC ELECTRIC MOTOR, YOU CAN MAKE A BATTERY CHARGER. An electric drill is a particularly strong motor, but even something like a battery powered fan can be made to charge a battery. Provided you have a stash of “gear” or tools around, you probably have an electric motor you can repurpose. If you ask me, that’s a pretty powerful realization.

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Never worry about starting a campfire again! You can easily prepare your own quick lighting emergency “char cloth” with just a tuna can, T-shirt, and a your barbecue grill.

Essentially the video describes making a quick and dirty DIY gasification stove — like the ones many backpacking survivalists use to cook food — but the focus of this project is simply to get at the valuable leftover charcoal without the (slight) added complexity of designing an efficient camp stove.

But if you already have a gasifying camp stove — like the SoloStove or another homemade version — you can now add versions of “char cloth” to your emergency kit. (I love the cotton balls idea!)

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Need a quick backup battery for your phone? You can make one of these backup phone chargers from just a 9V battery and the guts of a dollar store car charger.

I found this particularly clever because it’s not obvious that to charge a 5V device, one might take a part a 12v charger and substitute a 9V battery — but it’s the the dollar store electronics that do the voltage matching. Very nice.

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