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Interested in making a cheap AC inverter out of parts you can often get for free? If you happen to have a broken UPS backup computer power system lying around, you could possibly turn it into a cheap power inverter for your camper.

Uninterruptible Power Systems are often thrown away when their battery goes bad. Once they do, you could simply replace the dead battery with your RV’s deep cycle battery and enjoy a high quality inverter that typically includes 5V USB power in addition to several standard AC outlets.

(Note: Non-sine-wave AC output by cheaper UPS inverters may not be suitable for all devices. For quickly charging your laptop and mobile electronics, it should do fine, but for continuous power, beware that it could cause problems, so be sure to read the UPS manual. If you’re concerned about this, check out his next series on how to make a sine-wave inverter. )

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Did you know you can make your own gasoline? Not much, mind you — and I wouldn’t advocate chopping down trees to do it! But as a teaching exercise, MrTeslonian shows you in this video series how one can inexpensively turn dead wood into refined gas that can run a car by capturing all the fuel gases in the form of crude oil and refining into whatever “fossil fuel” you like. Totally fascinating!

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