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Never worry about starting a campfire again! You can easily prepare your own quick lighting emergency “char cloth” with just a tuna can, T-shirt, and a your barbecue grill.

Essentially the video describes making a quick and dirty DIY gasification stove — like the ones many backpacking survivalists use to cook food — but the focus of this project is simply to get at the valuable leftover charcoal without the (slight) added complexity of designing an efficient camp stove.

But if you already have a gasifying camp stove — like the SoloStove or another homemade version — you can now add versions of “char cloth” to your emergency kit. (I love the cotton balls idea!)

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Want fresh ideas for simpler more economical ways to cook when you’re living off the grid? Look into the cheap and powerful homemade backpacking stoves used by inventive campers like this guy. They’re made to be easy to assemble from common items in your recycling bin for just a few bucks at most and run off alcohol or free wooden twigs you find lying around. All in all, much quicker and more efficient than setting up a whole campfire just to boil some water!

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The Biolite may be the coolest backpacking stove ever!

This nifty wood-burning biomass camping stove not only allows you to heat your dinner without carrying around a fuel tank — it burns the twigs and wood chips you find lying around — It’s also a heat-activated DC generator with USB charger.

A descendent of the efficient “rocket stove” design, BioLite also makes a larger home version.

(You might compare it to the Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove, which could be considered its immediate commercial predecessor, just without the phone charger.)

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