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Here’s an interesting and simple DIY slide-on truck camper design.

Tontotralman (who points out that he’s NOT a carpenter) built this one-person slide on truck camper to fit inside his 6′ truck bed with the tailgate shut. There’s no cabover, but he still managed to fit a raised sleeping area inside.

It’s built on 2×2 framing with OSB panels, and 1-1/2 styrofoam insulation. The interior is oriented sideways, with a sideways 6.5 foot wide bedroom area over a storage compartment, and front entrance area with storage cupboards on the left and kitchen area on the right.

On the outside he has some storage space between the walls and the bed, and a small electrical hookup. I like the split door idea that allows easy access.

Part 2 shows the finished body with corner trim, ceiling vent, water storage, the completed kitchen area (which looks much like a home kitchenette).

Part 3 shows the aerodynamic nose attached as a cabover extension to be used for lightweight storage in the future. He also explains the split door that allows for an exit when the tailgate is up. A highlight of Part 3 is his upgraded version of a “redneck air conditioner” made from a fan and an ice cooler and upgraded with copper coil and water pump.

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Here’s a fantastic slideshow of a commercial quality homemade slide-in truck camper handcrafted with plywood framing from ‘spidersfrommars’.
The frame is constructed from 1/2″ birch plywood, with ample large holes cut out to decrease its weight. A layer of 1″ styrofoam is applied, and aluminum sheeting covers it all.

It also features a lightweight curved roof and built-in furnishings.

(Note: The video oddly cuts out halfway through promising more to come.)

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Here’s a really awesome DIY Slide On Four Wheel Camper Style Pop-Up Truck Camper RV by ‘notesfromavagabond.’ It’s built on an aluminum frame he welded together himself and includes a few innovative features, such as a fold out room and a simple roof-lift mechanism.

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The Biolite may be the coolest backpacking stove ever!

This nifty wood-burning biomass camping stove not only allows you to heat your dinner without carrying around a fuel tank — it burns the twigs and wood chips you find lying around — It’s also a heat-activated DC generator with USB charger.

A descendent of the efficient “rocket stove” design, BioLite also makes a larger home version.

(You might compare it to the Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove, which could be considered its immediate commercial predecessor, just without the phone charger.)

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Here’s a great tour of the interior of a “4-Wheel Camper” style pop up slide in truck camper from Phoenix Campers.
Not only do I love the general shape of this style of pop-up truck camper — both for its flexibility and the gas-saving aerodynamics relative to other RV designs —

I particularly love the way Phoenix has managed to fit so much in a tiny space. (Note the combined shower/toilet stall!) Since you’re trying to make a livable space out of approx. 30 sq. ft., it really inspiring to see them getting creative like that.

Personally, as a Do It Yourselfer, I also love this design for a DIY truck camper. Click to read more about my favorite camper design on my blog.

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I love the clever way the roof lift is done on these pop-up campers.

No hydraulics or fancy expensive mechanisms — just simple mechanical elegance. Gotta love it.

It’d be great if I could see one up close so I can figure out the cheapest easiest way to duplicate this for my own DIY camper. I also wonder how it would change things if the popup was much taller, so the bars would have to cross. Hmm… Ideas, anyone?

In contrast, you can see the standard lifter system employed in Four Wheel Campers beginning at about 1:09 in this video.

…And in this video which gives a really nice explanation of the process beginning at 1:30.

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